The function of mantra chants is union through sound, chorusing, melting different voices into one. Mantra is a site-specific installation. A standing wave is diffused in the expositive space, resonating it, the sound acquires a material connotation, bleeding into tactile perception, the air vibrating differently in different portions of the space, immersing the listener in an harmonic resonator. An architecture made of pure sound overlaps with the actual structure. A small(20×40) wooden surface on a wall is sensible to touch and sound, people can interact with the space itself, altering the projection of the sonic space into the physical one. Singing along with the pulsing wave the listener experiences a fusion with the ethereal presence fulfilling the space.

The first installation of Mantra took place in Limbiate’s San Giorgio church, Monza, a space which sonic qualities allowed me to create a very effective division of the sound presence, having the whole ambient almost silent and focalizing the bass pulse in a side apse where the sensible surface was, thus creating a threshold.

The second installation took place at Spazio Concept, Milan, here i focalised the sound in a corner joining two black walls, the sound fulfilled the whole room, while in the corner the volume of the wave and its pulsing character where higher.

I’m looking forwards to install Mantra outdoors, i ran tests with a 3, 5 and 6 speakers system, forming a contained sphere of sound, with great spatialization, creating an invisible threshold to a very wide, almost cosmic-scaled sonic space.




It’s a single suspended moment.

High heaven.
Meat bright red.

No gravity.
On the bottom of the Abyss the ground loses its function.

Site-specific Installation:
Full-HD loop projection on black screen, original sound – 3D-Stereo-48kHz-16bit, 2 viewers; wood, plexiglass, UV-neon mixed light, ink-jet prints on canvas (40x27cm).





No void exists.
Light defines space.
Noise tells where we are.

An exploration of mechanisms of perception.

In both auditory and visual fields an absence of stimuli is induced by saturating the sensorial inputs. A strong circumscribed light exploits the human eye’s property to compensate it; the iris contracts and everything else becomes pure black. The same thing happens with sound; a specific noise (the sonic equivalent of white light) prevents the viewer from hearing any other sound, and being a random noise, it doesn’t carry any information, in the same way as overexposition (of film, CCD or the retina itself) just fills the visual with pure white. By earing such noise, the viewer will be prevented from thinking about any sound, because the part of his brain that elaborates sounds will be all busy.
Site-specific installation:

White light, wood, high volume sound (speakers or wireless headsets).